About Us.

My grandmother was an amazing woman. She died, in 2015 at 99 years.

What I know about her has been passed down in stories, like the love and honored tradition she passed down in my family.

She had 9 siblings, and was one of the oldest. She finished her 8th grade education but didn’t have the option for anymore schooling because she needed to stay home to take of her younger siblings.

Later, my grandmother found herself to be a single mother of three young children. She needed to stay at home and she knew how to cook. Knowing she had very little education, she didn’t know how she would support her children, but in the 1940s, she decided to open a restaurant. She moved her three children upstairs above the restaurant. She worked long hours and cooked everything from scratch.

She named the restaurant The Sugar Bowl.

She later met my grandpa there, but I guess that’s another story. She was a strong lady who taught us to work hard and take care of ourselves. We were very important to her, and she showed her love through her cooking and STRAWBERRIES! My grandparents were never wealthy but taught us many life lessons about working hard, loving, playing, winning, giving to others, and enjoying the little things in life (like strawberries).

She built an amazing environment of community and life-long relationships at The Sugar Bowl. She showed me the beauty and comfort of cooking and family.

When I decided to open a location for my furniture, interior design, and home décor store, I felt led to name my business after hers, with the hope and dream of building the same environment where the community around me feels welcomed home, every time they visit.

Just as my grandmother opened her restaurant to create food from scratch to nurture people’s bodies, I opened my boutique, The Sugar Bowl, to create home pieces to nurture people’s hearts.

I started The Sugar Bowl out of my love to create unique pieces to help create a personality for anyone’s home. Because I specialize in interior design, I bring a professional approach to designing spaces that reflect each individual customer. I believe a home can renew and refresh a person, reflecting all the beauty within a person’s life experiences, individuality, and family dynamic. The Sugar Bowl Boutique can help you create your vintage home that will serve as your retreat away from the stresses of the world.


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